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Monday 10 am – 4 pm

Wednesday 10 am – 4 pm

Thursday 10 am – 4 pm

Saturday 10 am –  Noon

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Welcome to Debbie Falk

December 1 will be her first full day on her own! Treat her well!!!


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DIRECTOR OF LIBRARY OPERATIONS position for the Effingham Community Library. Requires High School degree or G.E.D., experience in public services, dealing with the public, and familiarity with library organization and operation.  Applications must be picked up at City Hall or Library, 414 Main Street, Effingham, KS. Deadline is November 9 at noon. Benefits and salary will be discussed at interview. This is a part-time position. EOE


Position Title: Library Director

Summary of job responsibilities

The Library Director provides leadership and serves as the library’s primary public representative. The library director is expected to represent the library within the community, develop programs, develop collections, provide budgeting information, manage volunteer, and manage the library facilities.

Job duties

Assists patrons in the use of print materials, equipment and technologies by answering questions, offers basic technical assistance, troubleshoots computer problems, assists in navigating the Internet, locates databases in order to help patrons use library resources. Locates materials, answers questions, requests materials through ILL, refers patrons to outside resources and collections when appropriate in order to provide information services to patrons. Trains and supervises volunteers to help in these services. Develops collection in response to community’s needs, develops materials purchase procedures, purchases materials, carries out weeding, and evaluates donated materials. Initiates and coordinates programs; advises the Board on pertinent issues, and gives monthly reports on library operations, attends meetings, and participates in fundraising events.

Supervisory authority

Supervises volunteers

Special working conditions

Work includes prolonged sitting, as well as moderate lifting, carrying, reaching, stooping, pulling and pushing activities, manual dexterity, clear speech, and visual hearing acuity.

Minimum qualifications

Applicant must a high school/GED diploma. Prefer experience working in a library.

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Survey results!


Help us, help you. A survey to meet our community needs…

conducted by the Effingham Community Library

January 2016

via SurveryMonkey

Charts and information created and gathered by

Amy Stanton Director

414 Main Street

P.O. Box 189

Effingham, KS 66023



Do you or a member of your household have any of the following? Click as many as needed.

Do you have internet service at home that is paid for by your household?

Do you have students in the following educational institutions?

In the past year did you hear about the State funded MiFi project that was available from both Effingham Community or Atchison Public Libraries?

If yes, did you check out a device from either library?


Do you have either cable or a satellite cable such as DISH or Direct?


Do you have Netflix or Hulu?


Have you ever heard of Hoopla? Instantly borrow free digital movies, music, eBooks and more, 24/7 with your library card.


If yes, have you used Hoopla?


How can the library help you meet the needs above?

I would like to see fiber high speed internet and the facilities to be updated. Have the city council budget more to fix this building up.

1/26/2016 10:22 PM View respondent’s answers

We would be very interested in the MiFi project and Hoopla, if available.

1/26/2016 12:18 AM View respondent’s answers

Not known

1/25/2016 2:18 PM View respondent’s answers

Find out more info on this free things.

1/25/2016 1:48 PM View respondent’s answers

More info on Hoopla!

1/25/2016 12:57 PM View respondent’s answers

377 grad but do not live there now. Hope the survey is successful

1/24/2016 5:46 PM View respondent’s answers

have more mifi as to not have to wait on getting one use it when on road and locally. i think it is the best thing the library can have.

1/20/2016 1:41 PM View respondent’s answers

Education on how to access and use these services.

1/19/2016 9:00 AM View respondent’s answers

Having more wifi things would be great the waiting list is long. The signal strength is not the best and I have two kids that have pads thru the school that can’t use them at the same time. We have used the wifi things and greatly appreciate the service but the above things are simply suggestions to an awesome program!

1/19/2016 4:44 AM View respondent’s answers

I live in Lawrence Ks, how can I help you ??

1/18/2016 11:25 PM View respondent’s answers

The mifi that can be checked out for a week was a good help with students needing internet access to do some of their homework. Wish there was more to check out.

1/18/2016 10:37 PM View respondent’s answers

Sounds like I need to learn about Hoopla

1/18/2016 9:29 PM View respondent’s answers


1/18/2016 8:55 PM View respondent’s answers

I think the Effingham library is an awesome library for a small town, and the director is amazing and will try to find whatever it is you are needing.

1/18/2016 8:06 PM View respondent’s answers

What do I need to do to get these services

1/18/2016 7:33 PM View respondent’s answers

Why is it the library’s job to provide Internet, Netflix, etc? Just keep offering it there.

1/18/2016 6:56 PM View respondent’s answers

Keep on keepin on

1/18/2016 6:47 PM View respondent’s answers

Sorry I live in Horton and I don’t really go to the library unless I need to.

1/18/2016 6:09 PM View respondent’s answers


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